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A Quality Assuarance deptt. at Corporate office with representatives at each cement manufacturing plant is the backbone of Quality, for the product manufactured by CCI. This cell is directly reporting to C&MD regarding all quality matters.

One executive of Production deptt at each unit has been made responsible for quality assurance. All these executives at unit level are responsible for following jobs:

  • To ensure that quality of cement conforms to the laid down standards relating to fineness, strength, expansion, ingredients etc. and only quality product is sent out of the factory.
  • To carry out physical & chemical tests over and above the normal tests required for the purpose of production by taking necessary number of samples from each lot.
  • To carry out inspection of bags at the time of packing as well as to conduct random sampling tests to ensure that the bags are of good quality and the weight of the loaded bags are correct.
  • The short weight bags are not allowed to move out of the factory.
  • The Executive(QA) checks the details of branding on the bags before packing of cement.
  • The Executive(QA) is responsible to monitor adherence to all the stipulations made by the Indian Bureau of Standards for various testings. He also monitors the conditions of various equipments and other stipulations.
  • The Executive(QA) monitors the mode of sampling by Production Department for testing of various input materials at different stages and make comprehensive report to General Manager with a copy to Manager(Prodn), C.O.
  • To carry out checking of calibration of the testing machines on random basis.
  • To innovate the basic method of Quality Control, introduce new concepts relating to total quality management, its implementation through Production Department and percolation of total quality management as well as quality consciousness down the line through Production Department.
  • To ensure that Weekly Quality Assurance Report in the prescribed format and Daily Quality Messages are sent to C.O.
  • For the purpose of collection of samples and carrying out the necessary chemical & physical tests, the employees detailed at various points including that of Laboratory under the Production Department, extends necessary services to the Executive(QA).
  • The duties and responsibilities of Executive(QA) at the Unit does not include day-to-day operations in the Production Department. All kinds of tests required for the production and inspection of inward materials continue to be performed by the executives of the Production Department.


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