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Que: When the CCI was incorporated and what is the present authorised share capital of the Company?

Ans: The Company was incorporated on 18th January, 1965 as a wholly owned India Undertaking of the Government of India with the principle objective of setting up cement factories in Public Sector to help in achieving self sufficiency in cement production and to remove regional imbalances in pursuance of the National Policy.The present authorised share capital of the company is Rs.900 crores.

Que: How the CCI has been able to turn around from loss making company to profit making company?

Ans: The Company was in losses upto 2005-2006. On the sanction of the scheme in March 2006 by BIFR and infusion of funds by the Government and waiving of interest in certain cases the company could clear the debts. The Company is earning profit thereafter. This could be possible by the joint efforts of the CCI Management,Employees and also with the support of the Government.

Que: What is the market setup of CCI & Which are the markets CCI serve in India?

Ans: CCI is having 3 operating factories in 3 regions of India that is Eastern Zone, Southern Zone and Northern Zone, Company is having 3 Regional offices in these regions and each region has and sales offices at different places keeping in view the demand of cement in the market. 

Que: Is CCI having any plan of expansion or diversification of product line?

Ans: CCI presently produces 4 Types of cement. CCI plans further to diversify products by manufacture of Railway sleepers, electric poles, ready mix concrete etc. Joint venture for this purpose will also be explored besides technology upgradation of plant in South and expansion of plant in Assam. The Company also has plans to set up new capacities of economic size that is more than one million tonne per annum at its operating units. The company has also made the Vision Statement for operations in the next ten years.

Que: What is Portland cement ?

Ans : Portland cement is composed of calcium silicates, aluminate and aluminoferrite It is obtained by blending predetermined proportions limestone clay and other minerals in small quantities which is pulverized and heated at high temperature - around 1500 deg centigrade to produce 'clinker'. The clinker is then ground with small quantities of gypsum to produce a fine powder called Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). When mixed with water, sand and aggregate, it combines to form a hard mass called concrete

Que: Is there any shelf life of cement ?

Ans: Cement is a hygroscopic material meaning it absorbs moisture In presence of moisture it undergoes chemical reaction termed as hydration. Therefore cement remains in good condition as long as it does not come in contact with moisture. If cement is more than three months old, then it should be tested for its strength before being taken into use.

Que: What are different grades of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)?

Ans : The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has classified OPC in two different grades The classification is mainly based on the compressive strength of cement .The grades of OPC are :

• 43 grade
• 53 grade

The grade number indicates the minimum compressive strength of cement.

Que: What is Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)?

Ans: Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is obtained by either intergrinding a pozzolanic material with clinker and gypsum, or by blending ground pozzolana with Portland cement.Nowadays good quality fly ash is available from Thermal Power Plants, which are processed and used in manufacturing of PPC.


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